I’ve never been one to really want presents and money for my birthday, as long as I have my family with me to celebrate, I’m happy. Although this year and beginning my blog I was quite excited to receive money (of course I was more excited about being with all my beautiful family!) but that meant I could go shopping, which meant new buys, which also means NEW BLOG POSTS!! 😀

Now let’s get to the exciting part…


Untitled 12

This wrap over dress is from Sportsgirl, it’s amazingly comfy and roomy! Perfect for spring/summer!

Mini Origami Wrist

I got this which is $50 but got it for $20 (hint; if you sign up to Mimco before your birthday you’ll receive 30% off, you’re welcome! 😉 )

Chestnut leatherette petal skirt

I’ve been eyeing this baby off for ages and its gone from 89.95 to now just 44.98, BARGAIN!! It’s also available in black but the chestnut just caught my eye and compliments my curves perfectly.

Lacey lace up

I was extremely excited when I saw these in my size, I even did a happy dance that customer’s and workers at cotton on looked at me like I was nuts but oh how I love these and ALL shoes from Rubi shoes!! These are amazingly comfy and perfect to wear casual or to dress up! I’ve already wore them too much but I adore them!

I also got a couple of dresses from Valleygirl, and jackets (I’ve posted them on my Instagram @amyrosekennedy), I still have one thing I’m waiting to get from Mimco and I will definitely share on my Instagram when it’s in store and in my hand (cheeky hint).

So, that was what i treated myself with for my birthday.

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned, A.R.K


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