Are you tired of not knowing exactly what you’re putting on your skin? Look no further because I’m here to introduce you to ‘Mother Coco’ – just two mums who are committed to providing there is no need for harsh chemicals for great skin care.

Mother Coco

This Friday I received a bag from the lovely mums Kaishaa and Laura of their all natural – delicious smelling soaps + body scrub.

Lemongrass Soap

Lemongrass soap – these lemongrass soaps are created with lemongrass essential oil, a clear soap base, fresh lemongrass and E vitamin oil. These smell amazing! Perfect for summer leaving you smelling wonderfully fresh.


Orange Zesty Lemon soap – these are created with orange zest, a clear soap base, lemon essential oil and vitamin E. I LOVE the fact you can see the zest of the orange in these, I also love that the orange or lemon isn’t overpowering the other scent, they are perfectly balanced. These are also fresh smelling and wonderful for summer!

Coco Honey Oat soap

Coco Honey Oat soap – created with Oats, honey, a coconut soap base, almond oil and vitamin E oil. You can smell the honey, the coconut and even the almond oil in these! These also smell incredible, I love that the top layer you can see the oats. I think these would be great for winter. Having the honey in them, in my opinion looks and smells just like winter!

Coco Lime soap

Coco Lime soap – created with a coconut soap base, lime zest, coconut flakes, vitamin E oil and lime essential oil. What’s better then coconut and lime and both of them put together? NOTHING! I love the smell of these!! This one is just heaven! I love that you can see the lime zest as well, this is perfect for summer!

Mother Coco soaps

As you can see all of these soaps are completely natural and have no harsh chemicals. Everything put into these is on a label, on the soaps, so you can see there truly are no nasties and I mean, in all, you are getting a good dose of vitamin E! As I said with all soaps, they smell delicious (literally good enough to eat!) The scent with all isn’t very strong which I personally love. You get just the right about of scent.

 Green Tea Coco scrub

Green Tea Coco scrub – made with green tea, coconut oil, coconut sugar and vitamin E oil. The smell of this scrub is just incredible, I really can’t even! I could seriously eat this but I do have a bit of a down side to this  it is oily which made the shower very slippery when washing off. I have talked with my good friends over at Mother Coco and they are going to change it up because their customer’s thoughts on their products really matter to them!


The Green Tea Coco scrub makes your skin super smooth and soft and leaves it smelling so great! With no nasties in the scrub also, makes me happy so I can start my day with a smile because I know I’m not washing/scrubbing my skin in any harsh chemicals.

I love all these products from Mother Coco, I highly suggest you to go check them out and try these products! There are other scrubs, moisturiser’s and definitely more to come over time.

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I hope you enjoy and stay tuned, A.R.K


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