How would YOU like to create this easy, lazy but super comfy outfit? Like, if those words ‘easy’, ‘lazy’ and ‘comfy’ didn’t attract you.. I don’t know what will! 😉 


In all seriousness this outfit today was the best, that I might just wear it tomorrow, Monday and why not the rest of the week too?

For YOU to create this outfit ↓↓↓

294This isn’t my exact dress but I got mine from last year’s summer stock, again from Sportsgirl. If you follow me on Instagram a few months ago you would have seen my post of me wearing mine in black and saying that Sportsgirl would definitely have something similar this year and boom! They do! This dress is seriously the BEST for summer! I promise you it is super comfortable and cool for the summer (pun intended!) You MUST go buy yourself one, also available in other colors, to check out the dress click here.

293If you know me, then you know I adore Rubi Shoes. I’ve been dying for a pair of sneakers and these OH MY GOSH! They are AHH – MAZING. I know my feet are saying thank you and having a party in them! They are so comfortable and perfect to wear with EVERYTHING!!! They also come in grey and black! These babies HAVE to be on your TO – GET – LIST, to check these out and other colors click here.

Throw on one of your own white shirts, tie it in the front and BAM! You are good to go! 

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned, A.R.K


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