What’s better than a pair of shoes that are ridiculously adorable and comfy? Oh yes, them being affordable! I’m pretty sure everyone that knows me by now knows how much I love Rubi shoes.

Now before I go and post Rubi’s website, I’m going to try and pick some of my favourites (wish me luck 😉)

These Rubi colouring books are super cool and fun because there truly is NO age limit to colouring in! These would also make super cute Christmas gifts.

jinx cutout boot

I am seriously in love with these Jinx Cutout boot!!! These would go great with any outfit, I love the detail and the zip at the back which makes it so easy to slip on and go.

rubi lipstick - 90s pink

I adore Rubi’s range of lipsticks and glosses! Lately I’ve been obsessed with pink lips and this 90’s pink is just so beautiful. The colour is so bright and luscious and PINK, I love it.

ollie peep

I don’t just love these Ollie peep sandals because my baby cousins name is Oliver (Ollie, you get it? Yeah? Okay anyway..) But surprise I also adore rose gold! I love the criss-cross at the front and how simply pretty these are. These also come in brown and navy.

belle aviator

I love these aviator sunglasses, they are perfect for summer! mackenzie lace up sandel

Monochrome + lace ups = A HUGE YES! I have adored Rubi’s whole range of lace ups, and nothing beats ANYTHING when it’s monochrome, I love these Mackenzie lace up sandals, definitely a must! body temporary tattoos

I’m super obsessed and in love with these temporary body tattoos, they look amazing on!

rubi phone cross body bag

I’m in love with this cross body phone bag, sometimes I don’t want to cart my whole bag along and do you really think I want to carry my phone in my hand if I don’t want to hold my bag? Uh no! That’s why I think these are perfect and the other colours and designs are super cute too.

eve heel

I left these for last because I really am in love with these, I have not shut up about them and my brain is screaming ‘BUY THEM’ but my bank account is saying ‘you are broke’ and my heart is saying ‘please Santa??’ – I need these gorgeous eve heels, let’s hope Santa reads my list and when I say list I mean he has the same taste in shoes as me and can read my mind!

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned, A.R.K


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