Are you like me and wear activewear on a regular basis to feel sporty but the only exercise you do is squatting to see what food is on the lower shelf of the fridge? Well if so look no further to super great-just for looks-I don’t do fitness activewear because I’ve you covered!

Everyone’s a #winner when the squat was worth it in the fridge and score food on the bottom shelf – in all seriousness I love these winning pair of top and bottoms! I’m quite the one for if things can match, I’ll match em’. I really love the cut of the criss cross crop so nothing comes popping out, higher at the top and lower underneath and the thick straps, it really is a win. I love how these pants aren’t full length; I love my exercise pants 3 quarter. This Printed Core Capri’s are my type pants. #winning outfit.


Do I or I should say, could I ever do a post not evolving Rubi Shoes? Nope, never. These Fleek Trainer would seriously have this winning outfit on FLEEEEEEEEK! I love these too much! The woven detail is just perfect, I love some shoe deets. These are must, a great everyday sneaker.

We all need some good vibes when we workout and this Printed Active Muscle is the way to go. Available in a variety of killer prints and colours. When you’re working out you want to be wearing light clothing, so you and your body can breathe while you do just that! I love these High Capri pants because of the high waist band; I will NEVER wear anything on my hips unless I have to because I find it uncomfortable. I love the ¾ cut. This is the greatest workout outfit. I mean why not still look bab’n while you sweat417022-01-2

These Fleek Trainer come in 4 different colours including both of these styles in my post. I love all 4 styles and nothing beats not only a few (every shoe in the shop in my size) Rubi Shoes, shoes but sneakers! These would give your killing-sweaty-bab’n vibe workout outfit the kick it needs.

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned, A.R.K


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