If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know and understand my love for not only all things fashion but my love for makeup too and every Monday I’m going to share my makeup favourites and some beauty tips and tricks with you.


First off, everyone needs a lip scrub in their makeup bag or sitting with their daily routine things. They are a life changer! Now, I haven’t used this one but I have used the ‘bubblegum’ flavored one from Lush which I absolutely love + its vegan. This one is berry flavored and I’m very keen to give this one a try. I love using mine before I apply lipstick so my lips are nice and soft and I can have a great, crack-free lip.


I truly love lipstick, I (almost) wear lipstick everyday and most of my favourites are from Sportsgirl. They have such an incredible range of colours; they are long lasting and feel really nice on the lips. I absolutely love this pink which goes by name ‘flirt’ and it is so gorgeous on.


I love Rubi’s nail polishes, the colours are so amazing and vibrant which, like this wild lime green, look amazing on for spring and summer.

Tip; here’s a tip I’ve started doing and love. I’ll do my first coat the day or night before and then the next day I’ll do my second coat because I hate waiting for the second coat to dry and then you end up with this pattern in your nails that isn’t meant to be there so, if you’re like me, I totally recommend the next time you paint your nails to give this a go.


It took me a while to contour and throughout that time period of trying to learn I thought it was a very silly thing to contour your face. I started with a powdered contour which I found not so great to learn with. I then decided to try contour sticks (these ones to be exact) lets just say, I really love contouring now and these are THE BEST contour sticks ever! Also, using the powered contour would just stay in some really (on fleek though) brown lines that could NOT be blended but the contour sticks are so much easier to blend, thank goodness for contour sticks, hey.

Untitled 3.png

I haven’t tried this bronzer and I’d really like to because Sportsgirl’s beauty products are really great. I have a bronzer but it has a lot of shimmer and I really want one that hasn’t got so much or any shimmer, like this one. I think everyone should have one of each in their makeup bag, one shimmery and one that isn’t.

Untitled 5.png

These 4 pots of metallic colours have officially become my favourite and very useful little objects in my beauty bag. You have from left to right; Vanilla, Gold, Rose Gold and Blush, these can be used for; highlight, eye shadow, nail polish, you can pop them on your hair, on your lips and the list goes on. They are my favourite thing ever and I use mine almost everyday for highlight because why not (and because they’re just so pretty and that’s really my only reason honestly) but if you’re a fan of putting some really pretty metallic colours on your face, you definitely need these in your beauty bag.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Makeover Monday and check back (or subscribe, it’s easy I promise) for more makeup favourites and beauty tips and tricks every Monday.


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