Let’s talk foundation.

This week I’m going to talk about my favourite foundation brands, my favourite foundation and ones I’d love to try.


This is my favourite foundation, I use this every day. It gives amazing, long lasting coverage and it also has a nice smell to it which I guess, is a good thing also. I definitely recommend trying this (if you don’t already) because it really is amazing.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – for $19.95


I’ve heard so many talk about foundation sticks and I’m dying to try one! I’d love to try this one plus, if you are a fan of contouring you can buy one lighter shade and a darker shade because you can contour your face with a foundation sticks. You’re getting the two in one deal, you’re doing your foundation + contouring, now that to me is a win win.

Savvy Full Coverage Foundation Stick – for $6.99


Now, I haven’t tried this but I’d really like to. It looks like it’d be an easy way to apply and you’d be able to completely use the whole jar of foundation (not at once though!) I love using beauty sponges to apply my foundation so; I think applying this exact one with a beauty blender would be a very good mix.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation – for $23.95


I love db’s (designer brands) cosmetics. Their foundation looks great on, it’s really good coverage and is long lasting. Also they have 3 different types of foundation to suit all types of skin. (Normal, oily and age)

Longwear 24 Hour Foundation – for $14.99


I love NYX cosmetics as well! NYX’s products are really good, I haven’t tried this foundation (I always get distracted with their lipsticks and eye shadows) but I’m so in love with all the different range of products I have from them that, I’d love to try there foundation.

Nyx Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation – for $18.95


Nude by Nature was the first ever real, actual foundation I used and that’s where my obsession started. I love their foundation, I use there foundation on really special events. I know I can buy another bottle but I just don’t want to waste it, you know? It’s very great coverage and long lasting. I also love their mineral cover it’s amazing and easy.

Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation – for $39.95


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