Today I’m going to be talking about all my favorites from DB.


I absolutely love this stuff! It gives you a very natural filled in look which I love! I have very thick, dark eyebrows and for the spots I’d like a little more definition and to hide any places there isn’t much hair, this is perfect. I definitely recommend trying this, it’s easy and super amazing for everyday use!

Extend A Brow – for $12.99


I’ve said before, I’m a massive fan of lipstick that I almost wear it everyday and I’m also a massive fan of Designers Brands lipsticks. They have an amazing range of lip colours, they last long and they feel amazing on the lips.

Longwear Lipstick – for $10.99


I’m also a fan of lipliner. I love lining my lips, I don’t do it as often but when I do, I really notice the difference. I love using their lipliner before I apply my lipstick or I’ll line them + blend the liner into my lip a little more and add a gloss over the top. Their colour range is amazing just like their lipsticks.

Lip Liner Pencil – for $5.99


Who’s a fan of a really great smokey eye? I know I am and I love finishing my smoking eye with some liner. DB also have many (and I mean many) different colour eyeliners! They are perfect for achieving that perfect smokey eye.

Kohl Eye Pencil – for $5.99


Let’s all just take a moment to really appreciate this palette. From all the eyeshadows I own, this palette is my favourite. The eyeshadows are just amazing, the colours are gorgeous and there’s endless makeup looks you can create. The eyeshadows are incredible on, they don’t move or fade all day! This palette seriously is my best friend.

48 Mineral Eye Shadow Palette – for $19.99


I love their mascara. I have this one and I’m usually the girl that slaps on 5 different mascara’s (I know I’m not the only one) but I’ll use a couple coats of this one and my eyelashes look very nice and long, no clumps just extremely great looking lashes.

Outrageous Mascara – for $9.99

I’ll tell you another reason why I love Designer Brands cosmetics, beside the fact they look amazing on and are really great quality. All of DB’s cosmetics aren’t tested on animals, they are vegan and contain NO talcs, bismuth and parabens.


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