Happy Monday.

I’m going to be sharing with you all my favourite lipsticks so, grab your coffee and let’s start this Monday the right way.


I love my red lipstick and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that now – this one is one of my serious favourite reds. I love this colour red; it’s that real rich, bright red it is my go-to lipstick, I honestly love red in most things but lipstick, it’s always a definite yes.- ALMOST FAMOUS


I also really love orange. I don’t wear orange much but I really love when I do and I think I should wear it more. I don’t think you can go wrong with an orange lipstick. I love wearing an orange lip when I have navy on. The mix of navy and orange together just looks amazing. It’s a match made in heaven! – SUNSET


If I haven’t got red on, then you’ll be seeing me in a nude lippy. If I’m after a natural everyday look I’ll go straight to nude or a gloss. I mean, I absolutely love wearing a simple makeup look, dressed up with a bit of red but you can’t go past that very natural makeup look  with a simple yet, gorgeous nude lip finish. I do enjoy wearing a Smokey eye with a nude lip so, all the attention is focused on your killer Smokey eye. – BEDTIME FLIRT


If I want a more darker red lip, I go for this one. It is amazing. This one is more scarlet whether the other one is your classic red.   – ALARM


I’ve never went for really dark shades in lipstick. I’ve always thought ‘oh no way could I pull that off’ but sometimes in life you decide to try something new and because you’ll be standing in the middle of a shop, holding your dark shade of lipstick just staring at it in your hands and it’s tell you ‘buy me, buy me, I want to go home with you’ wait. Maybe that’s the voice in my head saying ‘buy it, it has to come home with you’ well every story is different. I decided to try some darker, unlike me shades of lipstick and they have became my favourites. Never be scared to try new things. Maybe you’ll love it, maybe you’ll hate it but you’ll never know unless you just try it. – MYSTIC

I am also a massive fan of W7’s cosmetics! My personal favourite is ‘Raspberry Ripple’ which is part of Liptember which is a campaign dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women’s mental health during the month of September. I picked up this gorgeous pink beauty at the start of last month to help raise awareness along with a few other colours because they really are great lipsticks, with an amazing range of colours and are for such an incredible cause. You can still purchase all of Liptember’s lipsticks, along with the rest of W7’s range at Chemist Warehouse.


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