There are so many new gorgeous shoes and accessories in at Rubi and I’m super excited to show you a few of their new things that I currently love.


I really do love these DAISY SUNNIES. These are the black/rose gold ones which also come in two other colours tort and coral. They are all amazing and are such a great way to dress up your outfit.


OH MY GOSH these VEREDA POM POM SLIDE are so cute! I love the detailing of the Pom Poms, the double pleated strap at the front and the Navy/light blue + orange colours on the woven strap.


You can’t go wrong with a clutch, they are so handy (haha see what I did there?) but seriously you don’t need no bag, you carry this baby with your little change purse, lipstick, phone and some candy (optional) or you can go with some mints but your main things you need and you’re good to go. These TOMMY CLUTCH‘s don’t only come in white they also come in black, teal, mustard and cobalt to suit any and every outfit.


I am so in love with these SAN FRAN HEEL in silver metallic, these are just gorgeous and are a great statement piece for a going out outfit. These also come in a very wide range of colours if silver is really your thing.


Last but not least I love these ALEXIS LACE UP HEEL in apple red which also comes in tan + black. I just love lace ups and the extra detailing of the tassels on the end of the lace is gorgeous, pair these with some culottes and you’ll be on trend this summer.


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