This Monday I’m going to be sharing all of my favourite colour nail polishes I love wearing in summer.

NOTE – all can be purchased at Priceline.


Everyone must own a white; this one is an all year round colour but mainly perfect for summer with a gorgeous glowing tan. – Revlon – spirit


I love aqua and for summer it is perfect and bright. – Rimmel – roll in the grass


A soft pink is very gorgeous for summer. – Sally Hansen – arm candy


Red is great for summer and winter, I love red on my finger nails especially. I think it’s a colour that really catches the eye. – Maybelline – power red


Nudes are always a yes (in nail polishes, I mean). You definitely need neutrals on if you are tanned and want something, well, nude. I’ve worn neutrals when there is no fake tan on and in a matter of 0.2 seconds it’s off and I’ll go for a more vibrant colour but tanned + neutrals is a whole other story and look. – Natio – natural


A gorgeous blood orange/pink/red is AMAZING on for summer. – Covergirl – ample apple

Really, any bright and vibrant colour is perfect for summer. (Examples pink, green, blue, orange, colours that speak SUMMER)


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