This week I’m going to be sharing my favourites from Sugar Baby and all things I’d love to get my mitts on and try.


I absolutely love this palette; the colours are gorgeous and last hours. You can create so many different looks, this is one of my favourite palettes ever and I love using it and experimenting new looks with it. It’s perfect. – Beautif-Eye Smokey Eyeshadow Palette


If you want a tan that develops a deeper, long lasting bronze tan within hours, this one is for you. I’ve tried this one (you may have seen in an Instagram story I’ve shared if you follow me) and it was amazing. – Glow & Beyond


I’d love to try this detoxifying and clarifying face mask. I am a huge fan of face masks and I’d absolutely love to try this one + the other 5 face masks. – Good-Bye To Dry Face Mask


This palette looks amazing and I’d love to get my little hands on this and try it.- Glow Getter Contour & Glow Kit


I absolutely love body scrubs, perfect before you apply tan and to just make your skin super soft. I’d love to give this one a go. – Espress-O-Glow Coconut, Coffee & Lime Invigorating Body Scrub


I would also love to try this hair treatment, its organic and coconut (YASS), your hair really loves and appreciates it when you give it a good treatment every now and then. – T-Hair-Apist Hydrating Organic Coconut Hair Treatment


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