Happy Monday beauty babes, today I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite beauty products from Sportsgirl. I love Sportsgirl’s makeup, I go on all the time about their products but they seriously are amazing and so affordable.


Sportsgirl’s lip chalks are amazing. They dry really fast + they do last a very long time and they have really great colours. I do suggest you to use a lip scrub before you apply them though because they are like a matte lipstick and will show any and all cracks in your lips but they do look incredibly great on and if you’d like to see what they look like on, check out my latest post on the gram ( @amyrosekennedy ) – LIP CHALK DESERT ROSE


I never knew how much highlighter could not only change your whole makeup look but your whole entire life. At first I didn’t have any sort of highlighter and so I used a glittery eye shadow that looked like a highlighter to highlight my face which was actually not a bad idea at all, until I decided to try an actual, proper highlighter which were these gorgeous pots of glittery goodness and they changed my life. They are amazing and you can use them for so many different things and they last all day. These are now my favourite part of makeup. – 4 PIECE PIGMENT POTS


Their brow pencils are great! I really do love them; the only problem is, is that I have the biggest and bushiest caterpillars on my face (aka my eyebrows) and they don’t always need filling in but when I do I need and like black to fill them in, it’s a great dark brown and it doesn’t look bad when I use it to fill them in so, I just switch between this and black and rock my dark, bushy caterpillars. – PENCIL IT IN DARK BROWN


My tip with their fabulous, glowing goodness is to apply this over your tan like, when you rub/spray your tan on and let it stay for however many hours it needs and then wash it off, after you’ve done that apply a little bit of this over the top of your tan, for a stunning summer glow (unless your tan already is shimmery or just add the extra shimmer and shine bright like the diamond you are!) – METALLIC BODY GLOW


Let’s get to the point now (get it? Eyeliner? Point? I can’t see you but I know you chuckled like I did) they have bloody great eyeliner and if you like it in the pen version this is great for you. This is actually what I used for the first time I did eyeliner and it came out perfect. Yes, one of those is a lie and yes it could be that for my first go it came out ‘perfect’ but it’s fine. Truths out now. – TO THE POINT


I love Sportsgirl’s false lashes. They look amazing on; I gave mine a little trim to fit my eye shape. You obviously don’t have to and I don’t suggest you do, unless you need to. I love mine and use a proper eyelash glue when I re-wear them which is only for amazing occasions, sometimes (because those fluttery suckers are so hard to apply) but you should definitely give them a try. – FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT FAUX EYELASHES


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