Happy New year everyone. This is my first post for 2017 and I can’t believe we are already in February! It’s crazy!

I absolutely love makeup and last year I played around a lot with makeup, I even mastered getting my eyeliner even and applying it the right way, I also learned a lot from Zoë Foster Blake’s brilliant book ‘Amazinger Face’ – this year I’ve wanted to paint my face everyday with makeup and create different looks, although it’s all fun and games until you have nowhere to go and you have to wash it off.

I am a massive fan of Marina a.k.a Glamtrashmakeup – I follow her across all social media and stalk her on the daily to see any new looks or tutorials. Her makeup always looks natural and flawless, so I decided to re-create one of her looks (which isn’t as good at all but I’m learning).

 I could definitely and easily pick so many things I don’t like about my photo from the lighting, to the camera quality and how it isn’t really showing off my makeup (contour/eye shadow) but if you saw my makeup from when I first started playing around, you’d probably be horrified but let’s all praise the lord on how far I’ve come and think yourself lucky you never had to see that (and also never bring this up ever again) – so anyway, this is I think my second little beauty post on a makeup look and I’m quite excited already to, in future come back to this post and compare/see the difference and how far I’ve come again in learning even more about beauty and share it all with you.

Below I’ve tagged + linked everything I used to create this look.

Primer airbrush primer – nude by nature

Foundation – Designer Brands 24 hour foundation – light sand

Cream contourcontour stick – models prefer

Pressed powder – fit me Maybelline pressed powder – sun beige

Bronzer – pressed matte mineral bronzer – nude by nature

Lipstick –  Australis Velourlips matte lip cream – Shang-hi

Highlight – Metallic Moments – Sportsgirl.

Prime eyes – MUD makeup concealer – ivory

Eye shadow;

Designer Brands 48 mineral eye shadow

Sugar baby eye candy glamif-eye eye shadow

EyebrowsDesigner Brands extend a brow – medium dark

Eyeliner – NYX gel liner – jet black

Eyelash curler – Sportsgirl


– Lower + bottom lashes – Maybelline smoky eye mascara

EyelashesSportsgirl delashious lashes

All of these products are under $50.





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