Batiste Luxe – Dry Shampoo

I’ve been trying out the new Batiste Luxe Dry Shampoo and I’m pretty in love. It’s quick and easy; Simply shake the can well. Spray into roots from about 30cm away, massage through with fingertips to ensure the roots are fully covered. Brush through to remove any excess residue then style away. HAIR HACK -…… Continue reading Batiste Luxe – Dry Shampoo


I have been trying QV’s Purifying face mask and their new Ultra calming moisturizer for the past two weeks and QV have definitely done it again. I’ve used a couple of QV skincare products not only because of having really sensitive skin but throughout winter I end up with a bit of eczema and QV…… Continue reading QV SKINCARE


Studs are the hot new trend right now, from shoes to bags to clothing to accessories, etc.. I’ve picked 6 pairs of studded shoes that would be great for all year round and added links to all 6 pairs. I’ll be honest I thought oOoOo studs, in mind thinking like a few here or there…… Continue reading TELL ME ABOUT IT, STUD